User Interview #2

For our group’s second user interview, we asked Chris Vitelli to play through our game of War. While the game was not fully finished, he still seemed to enjoy his experience. He suggested that the “war” feature of the game (which occurs when two cards tie) be fully fleshed out before the final review.


Welcome to ENGR 1181 Team D’s SDP site! Here, you will find anything and everything you need to know about our games. Algorithms, interviews, presentations, user manuals, and much more is all on this site for you to view. Enjoy!!


Table of Contents:

  1. Project Management
    • A.) Team Working Agreement
    • B.) Individual Responsibility Statement
    • C.) Project Schedule
    • D.) Project Notes
  2. Business Plan
    • A.) User Identification Interviews
    • B.) Electronic/Print Advertisement
    • C.) Pitch Video with Demonstration
  3. Software Documentation
    • A.) Introduction
    • B.) User Manual
    • C.) Program Description for Developers
    • D.) Final Algorithm, Flowchart, or Pseudo code
    • E.) Final Program with Comments
    • F.) Discussion
    • G.) Conclusions and Recommendations
    • H.) References
  4. Welcome Page (Here!)



Executive Summary:

Background and Purpose:

For this project, engineers were to use their creativity, planning, and coding skills in order to develop games that could be played in MATLAB. Unlike previous coding projects, where each member was essentially provided with a guide to complete each module, this task pushed each team of engineers to use their current skill set work through the challenges of software development individually. Accomplishing this task would strengthen each team members ability to effectively code in MATLAB, communicate professionally with potential users, and efficiently work through problems as a team. The finished product is a catalog fun games that both team members and outsiders can enjoy.