Film Photography

This semester, I was lucky enough to take my first film photography class. As a photo major, I have only worked with digital previously and this was a unique and exciting way to extend my portfolio and skill. My final portfolio was particularly important to me, as I documented how the female form interacts with nature. I used my little sister for the shoot and it was a great experience for both of us, as I haven’t shot with her in a long time. I think that this class has allowed my skill level to improve dramatically, as I feel much more comfortable using a completely manual camera now. This will greatly benefit me in my major field.


The Clinton Global Initiative

One of the most powerful experiences of my freshman year was being selected for and attending the Clinton Global Initiative University 2016 Conference at the University of California Berkeley. To be accepted, I had to come up with an initiative, mine being to establish an education program for public school teachers on diabetes awareness. I will start my initiate in Shaker Heights and hopefully it will grow from there. The conference was really inspirational, with speakers from the Clinton family to Conan O’Brian to one of the six original freedom fighters. I met with the blind/deaf lawyer Haben Girma, who gave me advice about my initiate. I am so lucky to have attended and I hope to go again next year.


The 9th Floor IA Community

When deciding between the honors and scholars programs at Ohio State, I thought about what I wanted out of my freshman year: a close knit group of friends and a great floor community. IA scholars gave me just that. My roommate and I were disappointed at first to be placed on the overflow floor for our program, but we learned in just a few short weeks that our placement was the best thing to happen to us. Through this program, I have found exactly what I was looking for. I met the greatest people this year, ones who I know will always have my back. I look forward to living with a group of friends that I met through this program next year.



IA Millennium Goal 6

For my artifact, I have chosen my Millennium Goals Project. This project is one that I completed for my international affairs scholars’ seminar, after researching the sixth goal: Combat HIV/AIDS, Malaria and other diseases. In Southern Africa, 25% of the population has HIV/AIDS. And while Malaria is curable, I learned that children in rural areas of the region often find the disease to be fatal due to lack of healthcare. These realizations changed my perspective on these ailments significantly. This project was important to me because it not only got me thinking about the Millennium Goal to which I was assigned, but also all of the other ones presented. I believe that having more of a global mindset and focusing on issues in regions outside of the United States is so important for students. The project reminded me again of how fortunate I am and allowed me to begin thinking of ways to spread the good will.

I have begun to work on a project in which I will educate teachers on chronic diseases. Although this is a local endeavor, I hope that one day I can use this and what I have taken from my Millennium Goals project to expand ideas like this one globally.