About Me

After quitting my part-time job at a café to start a photography business, my sophomore year of high school changed quite a bit. I began working small local gigs, from Christmas card pictures to birth announcements. However, I found my client list growing longer and the jobs greater. Soon after starting the business, I was shooting at bar mitzvahs and weddings. For my personal work, I focused on issues close to home; depicting the microcosm that is my community through photographs. My work was displayed in small gallery spaces after winning local competitions, but it wasn’t until a photograph of mine was displayed at the Houses of Parliament in London when I decided that photojournalism was what I wanted to do. The image, a simple 11×14 color photograph of my sister was appealing, but it was the blurb of 150 words next to it that brought it meaning. The words explain her struggle with type one diabetes and explained why more should be aware of the chronic disease. Although the grins in family portraits are laughable, I decided that I wanted my photography to mean something.

Being a photographer is a large part of who I am, however throughout my schooling I’ve always held interest in other subjects as well. It was for that reason that I chose The Ohio State University. Here, I am majoring in art with a specialization in photography. I am minoring in International Studies and Diplomacy and thinking about adding a geography minor as well. My passion for international affairs is just as important to stress, as I have hopes of being a photojournalist. My involvement in the International Affairs Scholars program as well as the Collegiate Council on World Affairs have also helped me grow closer to that goal.