IA Millennium Goal 6

For my artifact, I have chosen my Millennium Goals Project. This project is one that I completed for my international affairs scholars’ seminar, after researching the sixth goal: Combat HIV/AIDS, Malaria and other diseases. In Southern Africa, 25% of the population has HIV/AIDS. And while Malaria is curable, I learned that children in rural areas of the region often find the disease to be fatal due to lack of healthcare. These realizations changed my perspective on these ailments significantly. This project was important to me because it not only got me thinking about the Millennium Goal to which I was assigned, but also all of the other ones presented. I believe that having more of a global mindset and focusing on issues in regions outside of the United States is so important for students. The project reminded me again of how fortunate I am and allowed me to begin thinking of ways to spread the good will.

I have begun to work on a project in which I will educate teachers on chronic diseases. Although this is a local endeavor, I hope that one day I can use this and what I have taken from my Millennium Goals project to expand ideas like this one globally.


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