Blog 4!!

This week I watched a Grey’s Anatomy.  I know Grey’s Anatomy is not a realistic hospital representation, however I believe that there are good patient/provider relationships.  In this episode a patient came into the hospital who was a foster patient who ended up turning 18 while in the hospital.   He was very close with her foster siblings and had trouble being separated from them.  He was not close with his parents while in the system and had nowhere to go when he got out of the hospital.

The patient had a surgery that needed physical therapy after, and the patient struggled with completing the physical therapy.  The doctor said okay, and proceeded to search the hospital for a video game cart so he could stand and do his PT.  The intern who was with the doctor proceeded to question the doctor and ask why in front of the patient.  I think this was a negative communication between the patient and the intern.  The intern should have asked the doctor outside of the room, because I think it was inappropriate for the intern to say something in front of the patient.  However, I think the doctor had an appropriate response to the patient.  He accepted his refusal and attempted to fix the situation and make it better.

Another conversation that happened with the same patient was with a different surgeon.  The patient was getting ready to be discharged, and she asked him where she he was going.  He said he didn’t know and would get a job at a fast food restaurant.  She then proceeded to show him around the hospital and all the different jobs he could potentially do.  This was positive communication that happened, I believe.  She helped and encouraged the patient.  However, later on during this interaction she asked the patient to come live with her and her family.  I think this was a negative interaction the occurred.  She got to be too close with her patient and overstepped her boundaries.