About SCOPE!

Welcome to OSU Battelle Center SCOPEs!

SCOPE stands for Student Community Of Practice and Engagement. These industry specific communities are built to give students the chance to discuss the latest topics, news, and technology of the day in crucial arenas while gaining access to professional development and mentorship opportunities. These communities are a chance for any student, no matter the focus of their studies, to get involved in industries with global impact that require an interdisciplinary approach.

Weekly SCOPE conversations feature discussion forums with faculty and staff leadership to help breach new horizons for the group. Programming includes special guests from inside The Ohio State University as well as external experts and industry leaders that can help students get a broader sense of these industries including the technology, policy, economic, and societal impacts all while allowing students to drive the discussion.

Each SCOPE conversation series is geared towards a different industry that requires a multi-disciplinary approach in order to have a full understanding of the range of effects that industry has on our world. For example, going to space doesn’t just need astronauts and physicists; it needs psychologists to help understand the effects of space travel, business acumen to understand the economic impact, policy makers to help regulate the industry, and so much more. Our SCOPE conversations aim to bring students together to create an interdisciplinary network in the industry and expose them to the many sides of an industry they are interested in entering upon graduation.

Outside of these industry specific weekly conversations, students are given the opportunity to attend professional trainings to help improve crucial skills that will help them succeed once they graduate. These trainings include topics such as giving effective presentations, networking at professional events, and how to promote community and cooperation when working in groups. These trainings give students an opportunity to get direct instruction on how to improve their so called “soft skills” to be more effective professionals as they enter the workforce.

Our SCOPEs also offer the opportunity for students to get more one on one attention with our staff to help them as they prepare to enter the workforce. We offer resume reviews, interview preparation, and mentorship/coaching opportunities to help students feel more confident and prepared for life after graduation.

OSU Battelle Center’s SCOPE programming is built to give students the skills, confidence, and knowledge they may not get in the classroom but will need in the real world. It’s more than a conversation, more than training, more than a program. The SCOPEs are a community of students who are motivated, supportive, and willing to work together to improve themselves.

Join us for our SCOPE events this year by checking out our pages to learn more about how you can get involved! 


I would say joining the Glenn College and  [OSU] Battelle Center is the best decision I have ever made in my life. I had the great opportunities learning leadership skills and, the most important of all, finding an inclusive, inspiring, and warm home away from home. This cannot be possible without you. I cannot be this confident, determined, and optimistic without the cultivation of the Glenn College and [OSU] Battelle Center. Thank you!

– OSU Battelle Center Alumn

Dr. Newton has created a powerful community where “all are welcome”, and students from all majors and walks of life come together to work on impactful projects and initiatives, purely fueled by their passion and the support extended by Dr. Newton.

– OSU Battelle Center Alumn

I’m so appreciative of you all at the center for helping me hone my networking skills over the last few years. In this process, I’ve made many important connections with people in the field and directly involved with the work I want to do.

– OSU Battelle Center Alumn