Brooke’s 3 Pictures, 3 Words

“Worth The Wait”

Pictured above is me, Michael, and Stephen outside of Westminster Abbey during the commonwealth. The Commonwealth was scheduled to start at 3 pm and we got there over 2 hours early. We were able to find a spot up on a hill to see past the news reporters. That day we were able to see Meghan and Harry’s last event as royals! AND OF COURSE, we got to see the all mighty Liz (AKA THE QUEEN). We fangirled and this was a highlight of my trip!


“Widen Your Gaze”

When at the Salisbury Cathedral Dr. Albers and I walked around in the Magna Carta part of the Cathedral and really took a step back and looked more in detail of the room itself and all of the glasswork. When looking at the stain glass windows we noticed these white flowers in the borders as well as mixed in through the pictures themselves. Before leaving we realized the tops of the columns in the rooms were in the shape of the flowers on the stain glass windows. It is amazing how intricate historical buildings can be so it is important to widen your gaze and truly see all of where you are at.


“Look For Ohio”

On almost every trip I have ever gone on somehow I find something related to Ohio. Whether it be a person from Ohio, an Alumni from OSU, a whole bar related to Ohio State, or block O’s glowing in red at a pub. We thought it was super funny so I thought I would share!

2 thoughts on “Brooke’s 3 Pictures, 3 Words

  1. Uh oh! Now Ohio State is going to sue for copy right infringement…. Lovely photos, from a diverse set of cultural experiences, Brooke!

  2. I like how you say we fangirled. I wonder if Stephen and Michael would agree?? I agree with what Caroline said above. You have three very diverse pictures. In addition, I really appreciate how you embraced the class. Coming from a less strictly scientific major, you made such a great addition to our group this year!

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