3 Pictures 3 Words – Stephen Creevy

Reserve SkyGarden Tables (at night)

Make sure you break up your reservation into a few small groups so you don’t have to meet a minimum payment per person. We also did a Monday night and they were super flexible with us because it wasn’t too crowded (as oppose to a weekend night). We were able to get a few drinks and enjoy the 360 degree view of London lit up at night. A great experience to wrap up the day with a beautiful view and, just like the pubs I am going to discuss, gave us a great opportunity to get to know each other. I cannot overstate how much I value that the friendships, with both professors and peers, that I developed on this trip.



Take Over Pubs (and make foreign friends)

We decided to do a pub crawl the second night we were there. It was recommended from students who had studied abroad in London in past years and it was a great way for us to see a different side of a massively diverse city. It was a great way to get out and really get to know each other and begin to build friendships that would flourish the rest of the trip. We also made friends from Germany and Brazil, all great, friendly people with their own insights to share.


Climb St Paul’s (All the Way Up)

A fantastic silver lining of not being able to go to France was that we really go to dive completely into London and get a much more complete experience. We wouldn’t have otherwise been able to see inside Westminster Abbey and St Paul’s, nor would have experienced Stonehenge or Cambridge. Michael and I went to St Paul’s during our free time and I think I liked it even more than Westminster. It was massively ornate, has a crypt full of highly revered Englishmen and women, and the view from the very top cannot be topped (except maybe SkyGarden).


2 thoughts on “3 Pictures 3 Words – Stephen Creevy

  1. it looks like you made the most of your unexpected London stay-over, Stephen. I love to see the great things that can happen with travel glitches!

  2. That’s a fantastic picture from the top of St Paul’s. London really is an great city and it’s amazing how much would have been left off the trip had our plans not changed. I also agree that it was a special and diverse group this year. The times with you all amid the unique historical backdrop of this trip I will always remember.

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