A Brief History of OSU Project reflection

I thought our project went super well. The only thing I could have wished from it was maybe slightly clearer instructions an requirements, but the grading was lax and it was known that expectations were unknown, so it really wasn’t a big. I think if it was going to be done again, that our project should be played for the next group, so they at least have some sort of idea what it should look like. After that, it shouldn’t be too hard for them to get it all figured out. I think having a day in class was great, and that only one class period really should be enough as long as they’re reminded at the end of a few classes before hand. Another thing I think that could be improved would be length, as I know my clip at least was probably far to long, and honestly shorter bits might be a bit better for certain topics.

One thought on “A Brief History of OSU Project reflection

  1. It was a project without a lot of direction. I take your comments to heart. Even for us, it was a bit experimental so I agree that showing next years class your work would make things clearer. We are glad you guys were up for being pioneers. I really enjoyed your interview!

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