History of OSU Reflection

I found this project so interesting and I’m really excited to see what everyone does for the Europe portion of the class. It’s crazy how many great innovators came out of Ohio State and really shows the potential of the students here. There were so many things I didn’t know before the project, but the thing that I found most interesting was the Antarctica project. It really showed how much women were doubted and how much these women overcame during this trip. I also think it’s so amazing that the discovery of he 22nd amino acid was made by people that still work here at the University. It just shows that we’re being taught by very accomplished people and how fortunate we are to go to this great university.

I really appreciated how smoothly this project ran with how many people there were. Everyone communicated easily and there was no worry with how things would get done or if it would be on time. We were all on the same track and were able to work together really easily.

One thought on “History of OSU Reflection

  1. All very good comments. I liked how you appreciated discoveries in the past and more modern. I also like how the project was pretty seamless for you and inspired you for the one to come. I can’t wait to see what you guys put together.

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