History of OSU Reflection

During this project, I was amazed at how cohesive it ended up being. It was hard to see until the very end, but we really came together to make a great presentation that flowed in a logical way.

I thought it was amazing that one group was actually able to interview the man who discovered the 22nd amino acid. I wish I had been there to ask questions and listen to the process of how they discovered it in person.

Through my own research, I was really able to learn a lot about OSU’s medical school and the physicians who contributed to it and the medical center. OSU really has produced some amazing people who have made essential contributions to science and the world. It makes me proud to go here and get an education from this university. Hopefully I can one day contribute as these people had.

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  1. We hadn’t anticipated how many students felt Buckeye pride through the project. That was definitely a nice unanticipated consequence. B

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