Dr. Alber Talk and Reflection

Dr. Abler’s talk on louis pasteur was great, and I really liked that we had watched that movie on him before hand. Having that background knowledge is really great, just like with John’s talk and how he had that video series for his. For most of our talks we did have some background, mostly with the book, but I felt that movie really allowed us to talk more about an analysis of Pasteur, over going over who he was, and then getting like ten minutes of analysis at the end. I also really liked her talk of genius, as more than anything, it if anything made me conscious that we do sort of like to view a persons conditions over a sort of born talent, something I totally credit to the growth mindset idea in our education. I feel it’s also a result of us trying to make sure we take circumstances in account, for example, why it seems we all know of mostly male scientists. That’s do to their circumstances, often times unfair to other groups. This probably has us even discount some discoveries and their genius, something I felt Dr. Abler really wanted us to not do, but to recognize that, while they had a favorable situation, that they never would have gotten done what they did without a rather special mind.

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  1. Yes, I think you are right about Dr Albers motivations. I think she wanted to appreciate genius in her talk. It was a great time in London, but I am sure there will always be some regret in not visiting Arbois and Paris. It would have helped put what we learned about Pasteur in perspective.

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