Douglas Kinghorn Talk and Reflection

I really liked Douglas’s talk, though I guessed it’d turn to talks about marijuana  rather quickly. I just hope we as a group didn’t get him to off what you might have preferred to talk about. I thought it was interesting how much more he liked the French over the English, and just how much better he thought they were. I have to wonder if this had to do with the french governments involvement of french science and the potential drive for better medicine maybe. It’s always interesting to hear about the history of opioids, and how they used to think that not only were they safe, but that they were incredibly safe, and totally unable to cause harm. I’d love to show any of those botanists or doctors the case of our modern day.

One thought on “Douglas Kinghorn Talk and Reflection

  1. Yes, i always thought it would be interesting to show historical figures the present day status of research and society. We look back and think it’s crazy that people performed surgeries without pain killers but also regret the unintended consequences if their addictive qualities. A couple of thoughts on Dr Kinghorn from knowing him over a few years now. 1. I don’t think he likes the French more than the English. Personally I think he does respect the French discoveries but also think he may be playing them up to avoid sounding too biased. 2. You guys did not draw him to discuss marijuana. If you noticed, he was one of the expert authors on the review on the subject so it’s an active area of his own research.

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