Podcast Reflection

I was aware of some of the History of OSU from it being the 15oth anniversary, but I was unaware of some of the discoveries and advancements made here, such as the first ambulance or the 22nd amino. I really enjoyed getting to know some of the history of campus. Overall I thought everyone did a great job presenting their research. I particularly liked how history of science at OSU group had small transitions in between to give context for the next topic. It was different from ours which was just a short pause and a new person started to talk. I also liked how they were able to get all the topics to align with each other to form a cohesive story about science at OSU.

I enjoyed learning about the women who went to Antarctica. Doing the research on them and the struggles the faced was really inspiring. They did what they were told was impossible, and as a women in the STEM field, I am grateful they were able to pave the way for more women to get to Antarctica.

One thought on “Podcast Reflection

  1. Well the discovery of the 22nd amino acid is in your biochem notes…just sayin…but, I appreciate the point that the project was a learning experience toward the breadth of knowledge contributed by OSU. I also enjoyed hearing about the Antarctica exploration. It was a story I was completely unfamiliar with.

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