Innovations of OSU Project Reflection

There are several things that I learned while doing this project. The audio for my project was not as clean or clear as I would have liked it to be. This is in part due to the fact that it was a phone conversation and in part because I recorded it on my laptop. For this next project, I will record everything on my cell phone and then use my laptop for editing once I return. The editing for this project took considerably more time than I expected. I think this is mostly due to my limited experience in editing audio clips and the lack of applications I had available. Now that I have downloaded more applications for editing and know how to use them, I expect the next project to go more smoothly. For this project it is important to have a plan. This plan must include both the individual and what you want to focus on about them. For the OSU project, I selected my individual, but attempted to get all of the information about them in one project. This resulted in a long interview and a lot of information getting cut. For the next project, I still plan to have excess footage, but to focus my project on one theme to make the video more cohesive and to improve the flow. I also learned from my classmates throughout this experience. Not only did I get the opportunity to learn about different innovators at OSU, I also got ideas for how I want to organize the next project. I still plan to incorporate interviews in this project, but I like how Kelly cut her interview and put her questions in afterward. Vivek recommended recording myself paraphrasing the interviews in order to cut down those that are too long or difficult to understand. After listening to other the other projects, I also want to incorporate more background information in the beginning, instead of jumping right into the interview. I still have a little more planning to do before we leave, but after receiving feedback and listening to other projects, I feel more confident about the next project.

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  1. Great feedback. It seems like you learned quite a bit of technical information that will inform and streamline your project abroad!

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