History of OSU Project Reflection

I learned a great deal from the OSU History Project! Not only do I now know who the “Feline Lifesaver” is (aka: Dr. Richard Olsen), but now I also know about the first, all-female research team sent to the Arctic, the invention of the ambulance, etc. It’s crazy to think that all these historic innovations and feats were made here, at Ohio State. I’ve never really recognized how prestigious OSU really was until this project. It really puts things into perspective, prompting the realization that us undergraduate students have the potential of adding to OSU’s history.

I greatly appreciated how we were able to select on own topics; I found my research on Dr. Richard Olsen and the invention of the feline leukemia vaccine very interesting! I’m now way more knowledgeable of of how this vaccine, which I’ve been prepping for the last two summers as a veterinary assistant, actually functions within the body. In keeping with this theme of veterinary vaccines, I plan on researching Louis Pasteur and the rabies vaccine for my final project while abroad.

Lastly, I appreciated that our History of OSU project was a group effort. Although I was hesitant at first and questioned how everything would be put together, the fact that this was a group project not only made it easier to make connections/see the various overlapping within the history of OSU, but encouraged us to work together and get to know our classmates before we embark to a foreign country with them. Overall, I learned a great deal and am looking forward toward my final project.

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  1. Wonderful comments. We had three goals in putting the project together. One was to get students thinking about science discovery at home. Another was for students to get to know their classmates pre-trip. And the third was to prepare you and give you confidence to do the research topic abroad. It’s nice to find out the project was useful towards all three.

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