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I really enjoyed researching for my project as well as listening in on all of the other student’s podcast. There are some amazing scientists and discoveries that came out of Ohio state that I would have never realized unless hearing the other students’ podcasts. What really stood out to me from the project was how the ambulance started out at Ohio State. With the doctor coming up with a way to get to cardiac arrest patients quicker by actually coming to them was a genius and has completely changed the way emergency situations are handled. I also thought it was interesting the cancer vaccine for cats brings in the most profit into Ohio State, I didn’t know how big of a killer it was with cats but has significantly helped them. I also lastly liked how the other group went more in-depth about the all-girl expedition to Antarctica and how they not only have to deal with the harsh environment of the continent but also having to deal with the men that looked down on them! They tried so hard to prove a point to the Navy that they are less needy than the men, so they asked for less help when in reality they should have been able to ask for help if they needed it. Overall this was a great project and would recommend you do this next year!

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  1. Thanks for the recommendation. It is useful feedback for us in the future and we are happy that you learned more about science at OSU through your class project.

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