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I found the podcast project pretty interesting. Both to do, and to listen to other peoples’ projects. The opportunity to interview Joseph Krzycki about his discovery about the 22nd amino acid was really great, and something that I probably wouldn’t have been able to experience without taking this class. I learned a lot from interview him with Tristan. Both about pyrrolysine and related subjects, and about interviewing and recording via editing the raw audio from that interview. Having to listen to it over and over to shorten our ~30 minutes of recorded audio down to ~13 minutes made me too aware, at least temporarily, of my verbal tics. In future interviews, I will likely be more conscious of that going into it and cut down on how much I say “oh cool”, “yeah”, etc. at points in the conversation where it’s not necessary.

I also learned quite a bit from other peoples’ presentations. For example, the OSU women’s expedition to the Antarctic was an interesting historical event I was not aware of. To be honest though, most of what my former conception of what Antarctic research and research stations are like comes from repeat watchings of John Carpenter’s “The Thing” (1982), which is probably not the most accurate depiction.

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  1. I think we are always more aware of our own “ticks” as you say than those from others. It wasn’t something I noticed in the interview and may have even added an organic element. I also liked how one of the interviews interjected their questions in the editing process like you might hear in a radio spot. For example, they might have said “and then I asked her…”and then continue with the interviewee. One thing that surprised me about your interview was just how much Dr. Krzycki liked talking. I have met him several times in passing and he seems like a pretty quiet person. However, he seemed really eager to talk to you guys about pretty much everything in the interview!

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