History of OSU Project Reflection

Prior to this project, I wasn’t very familiar with the history of research done at Ohio State. However, I had a lot of fun discovering interesting facts about the people and work that has influenced OSU in so many ways. This project definitely increased my appreciation for all that has been accomplished on this campus. I really enjoyed learning more about the life and achievements of Dr. Bertha Bouroncle, and I think everyone in the class did a great job of detailing the works of other researchers. Some of my favorite parts of the project was listening to the interviews conducted by students with the researchers at Ohio State. I thought that was a very unique way to learn more about achievements made at OSU. I also thought that the group that presented on the trip to Antarctica was extremely insightful and inspiring. Overall, I had a lot of fun with this project and learning more about the various accomplishments made at OSU.

One thought on “History of OSU Project Reflection

  1. I am glad the project was both inspiring and educational. I agree that the Antarctic story was fascinating and the interviews were a good way to get behind the scenes, at least in cases where the researchers are still accessable (and alive).

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