History of OSU Project Reflection

I really enjoyed the history of OSU project! It was nice to collaborate with other students in our class to get to know them better and make a great group project. It was nice to have class time to collaborate! I think the amount of time we were given in class was sufficient because we figured out the topic and who was doing what, then we assigned an order for the final project and everything else was on our own. It was a very simple and efficient process!

I don’t have any serious improvements for the project going forward other than perhaps some clearer (or more direct) instructions for us, I felt like we were kind of winging it and hoping for the best (which actually ended up being fun, but it was mildly confusing in the beginning!). I edited the project and learned a very quick 5 minute how-to on iMovie – thanks, Emma! I had used it before, but putting so many different files together was a whole new beast to conquer! So was looking at the file size, apparently…

For the next project, I hope to keep the collaboration with others going. It makes it more fun and interesting to work with others! In Europe, I will be sure to take as many opportunities as possible to take some videos and make content for the final project. I have loved this class and learning the history of science, I can’t wait to learn more abroad!

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  1. Great comments…you are not wrong that a little more direction might help, but figuring it out on your own also seems to have built some confidence. I think next year we may be able to guide students a bit more thanks to you guys.

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