History of OSU Project

The aspect I appreciated most about this project was the freedom to choose any OSU history topic we were interested in. Doing the project specifically about OSU brought a sense of pride into being a Buckeye while hearing about the subjects everyone else in the class did. In addition, I liked feeling like I got to know some of my fellow classmates better by listening to what they found interesting enough to research themselves.

I was part of the group that did the all-women Antarctica expedition, and I think it worked well to have a group of us doing one big event, so we could tell the story cohesively, while focusing on the aspects of the trip we individually found interesting. We each recorded our parts individually, then put them together in a predetermined order to make one story. I think we lucked out in being able to find sources because the anniversary of the trip was just this past year, otherwise I’m not sure we would have found enough info to make this one trip our whole project, and we maybe could have expanded more.

As far as looking forward to the History of Science in Europe project, I think I will look into making a rough draft “script” for Ada Lovelace’s story, that way I know exactly where I need to go or need to film while in London, to ensure I get everything I need to while abroad.

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  1. Yes, that was very fortuitous that you could research a lot of this topic from the anniversary material. I wonder if they did that research directly through the university archives?? I appreciated learning about the venture of these pioneer women and agree that the project does spur some Buckeye pride. Hopefully, the project abroad will be seamless enough that you can do it with the appropriate amount of time available and be a good contrast to this project.

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