History of OSU Project

Researching Dr. Bowen became a little difficult when I realized there was not much information about what she had done outside of her time at the university. Although I didn’t stray too far from her time here, I tried to dive a little deeper when researching her by looking up her time serving for the Vietnam War as well as her time in the military in general. There also wasn’t much information on her time in Harlem, New York so I tried to see if I could find any more specifics. Overall though, I enjoyed researching someone closely related to the university for this project because it makes the community feel a little bit closer in a way. Understanding a bit of the history here helps put things into perspective of where the innovations for the university have led us.

For the other presentations, I really enjoyed Gabby’s research topic. I have cats at home so it was interesting to learn about someone who became a major part of the history for many cats’ health and well-being. I also thought her audio was easy to listen to and understand so that helped out quite a bit with retaining the information as well. I also really liked Ivana’s presentation; it was short and to the point, while also including a good amount of valuable information on her topic. The ambulance sound effect was also appreciated. Lastly, I also thought the presentations with the interviews were interesting. It was really cool to hear a first hand view of the topics being presented as well as gain knowledge that maybe would not have been found on the internet.

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  1. I agree with you about your classmates’ presentations. Hopefully, the video project will insert a bit of creativity (like the sound effects) in the second half project. As far as your part of the presentation went, I thought it was a very fascinating woman you chose. It s interesting how much some of the pioneering women accomplished. Could it be because they felt like they had to do everything better than men? Or were we just seeing only the best and brightest in those days when opportunities were so limited?

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