Dr. Douglas Kinghorn

First, I thought it was cool to listen to a talk from someone who was from England. His tips on crossing the roads in Britain and checking out the botanical gardens were informative. Everyone of our speakers thus far has been really into what they study, and you could tell the same applied to Dr. Kinghorn.

To me, the most interesting fact he said was that heroin was used medicinally for a brief period of time. When it comes to medicinal plants it seems that over time we have adopted the trial and error method in order to figure if these chemicals in plants could be beneficial to us. It seems like this field will always be expanding as we find new uses for the chemicals that we find in plants. For example, marijuana, which has always been associated in a negative way is now being used to treat muscle soreness through the chemical compound of CBD. It’s interesting because right before the talk I had just read something online about how investing in companies that make medicinal products from marijuana could yield very high returns.

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