Creation Movie Reflection

The movie started off really interesting by going over the experiment of taking 3 “savage” children from their homes and tried to teach them civilized manors and Christian beliefs. They believed that if they returned the children back to their home that they would teach the other people in their community. But as soon as they brought the children back, the children went back to their old ways. I also completely forgot that this was in the time where science v. religion was in full force, so this kind of relates back to class discussions of how it can be hard for people to believe in new ideas because they go against everything they were taught their whole life, so I can see during this time why there was such turmoil when all of these new findings came out.

I also didn’t realize that Darwin studied monkeys. This makes a ton of sense due to monkeys evolving into humans and potentially the start of his theory. With this, I like how the movie shows his struggles with his discoveries, from losing his monkey friend to the church hurting his daughter for his beliefs, and also his struggle with his health.

Overall I really liked how this film was made. It gave a good insight into how Darwin came to his conclusions but also the struggles of this discovery. He had a constant battle of believing in God or his theory. This struggle related to the whole religion v. science debate that was in full force during this time. I think this discussion is still in the debate even today!

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  1. You are right that the conflict between religion and science over evolutionary theory in Darwin’s time still lingers today. I also thought it was interesting how many things Darwin took the time to study in his lifetime, including his own babies as well as animal behavior.

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