Dr. Samir Mathur Reflection Make-up

Since I was unable to attend the lecture, I read “What is a Black Hole”. I have zero background information on black holes, so this reading was very interesting. The first description of black holes using Newton’s law made sense and was easy to follow. The second description using Einstein’s theories was slightly more difficult to comprehend. In order to even begin to understand the third or fourth descriptions, I had to read them multiple times and look at the quiz. I still could not not explain them, but I could explain the issues with Hawking’s description and how the fuzzball theory remedied that problem. As I looked at the images that accompanied each description, I noticed that Einstein’s image looked familiar. I found it interesting that in popular media (movies/tv shows), Einstein’s theory of the black hole is used as a depiction, despite being disproved. I wonder if this is because it looks cool and is easier for the general public to understand (compared to the current fuzzball theory) or if there is simply a lack of knowledge in those who create science fiction works.

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