Caroline Breitenberger talk

I really liked Caroline’s talk on women in science. While the number of women in science during the period of, well, most of them, is tragically low due to the many efforts of people to prevent them, I was happily surprised and glad to see the women Caroline had found that still did it against all odds. I really liked the break down into the personal lives of these women, and how often they didn’t just break the norm in term of pursuing science. Not only more than their unique personalities, but also all the situations of the time. Learning that people made a living just, scooping up fossils at the beach is something I never would have thought of. Along with all the interesting marriages or other relationships they maintained to be in the position to do their science.

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  1. Yes, it s interesting how Mary Anning is so popular today even though it was a struggle for recognition and for money during her time.. It would be interesting to see how she would react on the appreciation of her work if she could come back today.

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