Dr. Kinghorn Reflection

I think medicinal plants often have a negative reputation. The general public commonly associates medicinal plants with marijuana, cocaine, or opium. As Dr. Kinghorn pointed out there are many other types of plants that are used all over the world in traditional medicine. However, one thing I found interesting was that components from the same plant that creates cocaine, is currently approved by the FDA as a local anesthesia. Another fact that I was previously unaware of, was that the FDA is hesitant about certain medicines if they create an euphoric effect. I was also unaware of the high turn-over at the FDA, that was leading to policies regarding CBD, not being enforced. Throughout Dr. Kinghorn’s presentation, I noticed that there is a large gap between the general public and the scientific community where medicinal plants are concerned. I think this lack of communication and difference in knowledge, reinforces misconceptions that the general public may have. It also allows companies to take advantage of this lack of information to sell more products.

One thought on “Dr. Kinghorn Reflection

  1. You are right…public information certainly keeps the drug companies honest. If the public is more informed on the drugs and their efficacy, they are more able to advocate for their right to acquire a drug and have it at an affordable price.

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