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When listening to Dr. Alber go more in-depth with Pasteur it made me reflect more on the movie we watched that previous Sunday. While most of the movie was accurate, she was able to go more in-depth on what parts were accurate and what other parts were a little bit far fetched. I also really appreciated her opinions on someone being considered a genius. I feel like our generation has such easy access to education now that it is hard to differentiate each of us. Our view is more based on the effort and hard work you put into your education and innovation rather than just being a pure genius. While I do believe that there are people who are geniuses if they don’t have the work ethic to use their abilities than it could go to waste. Back when people were truly innovating the concepts were completely insane to grasp. The fact that in order to test his theory Paseur literally injected a vaccine into a young child before testing the product. If this went south than he would have been sentenced to death. If that would have happened today, Pasteur I believe if caught would have immediately put in jail if not given permission.

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  1. You have definitely hit on many ways that modern science differs compared to that of Pasteur’s time. I think we can agree that both character traits and environment played a role Pasreur’s success. I also find it interesting that he was driven to some extent by being a complete germaphobe. He must have believed at slime level that all or most germs were disease causing, whereas today we have a more balanced view of the fact that most we encounter are harmless to us.

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