Dale Gnidovec Reflection

I really liked the fact that we were able to explore a part of the campus that I have always heard was full of fascinating things, but I just never have gotten the time to go. Dale was so enthusiastic about his work and you could truly see his passion and desire to teach by the way he talked to use. What stood out to me the most during our visit was when he brought all of the different creatures that lived in Ohio and the United States. Being able to see the mammoth tooth up close and getting to see the ridges in the teeth were amazing. I never truly understood how such large creature ate only grass like foods but seeing how the groves and edges along the tooth can grind it up much easier was really awesome to see up close. I also loved all of the pictures of him putting students near fossils in order to get a size perspective over just getting a picture for the student. Overall great guy and a great experience.

One thought on “Dale Gnidovec Reflection

  1. Yes, we got quite a laugh out of Dale using the students for scale. It took us several days to figure out he was doing it lol

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