Carol Anelli Reflection

I sadly wasn’t able to make the Carol Anelli talk/presentation but I instead spent time research a little bit about her. When I researched more into Carol I saw that she was apart of the Department of Entomology. To be honest I had no idea what that meant so I dug a little bit into that. Entomology is a branch of zoology that focuses on insects. In order to get the full experience, I found a video of a Q & A session that involved Carol Anelli titled “The Intersection of Faith and Evolution”. I loved Carol’s thought process on the fact that the general public especially students should understand evolution and how we have grown. By having greek mythology/natural thought of science, to the renaissance scientist thought, to today. The quote that stood out most to me was when she said “science advances only when great and curious minds are allowed to pursue it”. This quote stuck to me because this has been a very big topic in our discussions about different scientists and innovators throughout history. Whether it be an ethical dilemma, not having enough money, or not having the same privilege of getting an education if we allow great and curious minds to flourish then they can change the world as we know it. I chose this study abroad because it is completely out of my comfort zone and I wanted to be more aware of past and current scientists that have truly made the world the place it is today. Being a business major we aren’t really exposed to the past but really only what’s next to come, and this class has given me a better perspective on respecting the past and building the future on the accomplishments of the ones before us.

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