Dr. Kinghorn Reflection

My family comes from a culture that focuses on natural sources of medicine, so I was very interested by Dr. Kinghorn’s lecture on medicinal plants. I knew that there was a large amount of medicinal plants, but I didn’t realize that there are 10,000 known plants that could be used for medicine. I enjoyed Dr. Kinghorn’s description on the origins of plants being used to medicine from cultural remedies to the first use of opium. I was really interested in Dr. Kinghorn’s remarks about plants that are currently being researched to combat diseases, such as marijuana. I was aware of CBD and the benefits that have been been discovered about the compound, but Dr. Kinghorn emphasized that more research should be done on CBG to find its health benefits. I’m also excited to see how plants may be utilized in further research pertaining to analgesics and Alzheimer’s disease.

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  1. It s nice to hear you took so much from the talk. I think the discussion following the talk was very lively and it showed the talk spurred a lot of interest.

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