Dr. Kinghorn Talk

I really enjoyed Dr. Kinghorn’s talk today. I thought the most intriguing component of his talk was his experience with the researchers he spoke of; it definitely gave me a different perspective of the material since he knows the information first hand. This talk also showed how far society has come in the medical field today; as shown with the nightshade, it was commonly used within beauty regimens for women although we know now it is not good for you. Along these lines, heroin was also used as a commercial product yet we now know it is a highly addictive drug with brutal effects. I also thought it was interesting just how many plants are actually used for medicinal purposes. The 10,000 plants doesn’t seem like much compared to 300,00 total plants, until you put into perspective that each may have a different purpose all within medicine. The progression of a plant to pure organic chemicals was also fascinating to me; I enjoyed learning the process because it gives a wider scope into the production/cultivation of modern medicine. Overall, I thought this talk was really cool and I liked that it had to do with the medical field.

On another note, I thoroughly enjoyed Dr. Kinghorn’s accent.

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  1. I am happy to hear how much you appreciated the presentation. I lol about the sentence about the accent, although I do agree with you. We have a lot of pre-medical field people in the class this year, so I think the talk was especially relevant.

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