Dr. Kinghorn Reflection

When I found out that Dr. Kinghorn was going to be talking to us tonight about Medicinal Plants, I was really excited about his presentation. As a Zoology major, a lot of my classes are predominately animal focused, but there have been some opportunities to learn about plants and those are some of the classes I have loved the most. Plants really are fascinating with all of their variety and uses.

I enjoyed how Dr. Kinghorn discussed all the common drug names we here everyday came from plants and described their history. I thought it was really interesting because I have always been interested in how drugs are made and what their origins are. It was also very interesting how he described enthnopharmacology and how it relates to so many drugs that are used in the US. It was interesting as well to hear that such a large amount of drugs used in the US can be traced back to plant organs.

Dr.Kinghorn continued his dicussion on what achievements and discoveries were made by different British and French scientists. It is very apparent that these scientists had a great impact on the use of plants in drugs and the development of other uses for other medicinal plants. I also really enjoyed hearing the early experiments/theroies of the uses of these drugs. Many of the stories are very comical and its always interesting to look back and see how far medicine has come. His information on the background of marijuana, THC, and CBD was very interesting and informative. I always enjoy hearing other peoples inquiries on the topic of marijuana.

I am continued to be so amazed by all the intelligent people that are involved in many common things in our world today. It makes me really appreciate the science and hard work that goes into all of these discoveries.



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  1. Yes, it s true that we live in a complex world where so many previous discoveries are unknown to us, even if they have affected our world significantly. I sometimes think about how western medicine has gotten a lot of credit for discovery, but the ancient world of ethnobotany set the stage for these discoveries and those innovators from all over the world are lost to history.

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