Dr Alber Reflection

I was very interested in her focused passion for Pasteur and everything he contributed to in such an illustrious lifetime. I am so glad I chose this course to finish my undergrad career because I think I enjoy the historical context behind discoveries and findings in every field just as much (if not WAY more) than learning the specifics behind the discovery. Dr Albers discussion painted a historical picture/idea of what it was like in the timeline of Pasteurs work and it gave me a much greater appreciation for what was accomplished and when. I will admit that her talk made me more appreciative of historical findings. In class I had previous stated that older findings could have been unearthed by anyone who was educated and rich with the opportunity to spend money on the best equipment and was surrounded by other equally intelligent mentors and peers. But her viewpoints made me realize that these were truly amazing minds working with very scarce resources compared the breadth of equipment today’s scientists are blessed with. To have the scientific mind to understand what they were seeing and the creative mind to come up with radically new theories is pretty awe-inspiring. I really enjoyed the presentation and cannot wait to have her expertise at our disposal while we are in Arbois.

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  1. I really appreciate your comments. It’s nice to hear that you’ve gained some perspective from the class that’s different from the other classes that have prepared you in a different way. And I’m sure Dr Alber will be happy to hear you have gained appreciation of Pasteur’ s genius. 😀

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