Dr. Alber Reflection

Dr. Alber is very passionate about the work that she does and is very informed about Louis Pasteur. I was very interested at the amount of info she knew and about its connection to Arbois. I will definitely be eager to hear what she has to say on the trip and during our time in Arbois.

Something that I hadn’t considered was the political influence on his discoveries. Dr. Alber was very knowledgeable and I believe correct in the connection between political climate and the race to discoveries. We still see this today and it would be nieve of us to assume there was no such connection. We focus on the history of scientific discovery a lot in the class, but it is also important to consider the military history, political history, and cultural history so we may but our scientific history into context.

One thought on “Dr. Alber Reflection

  1. It is a strong point of the class to go a bit beyond the science history mythology and expose the deeper contexts of scientists and their discoveries. It’s actually surprising, I think, that we tend to think all of these discoveries happened in a vacuum without cultural or historical events playing a role.

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