Dr. Jan Weisenberger’s talk

Dr. Jan Weisenberger’s talk was really well put together and really thought out. The one thing I remember the most strongly was how she tied together one of OSU’s founding member’s inventions, the Mendenhall Gravimeter, with current day research being done right now, by a woman who’s name sadly has been lost to me. It was really cool to hear about how humble the beginnings of OSU was. To think of how informal going to college used to be, specially since people like Thomas Mendenhall didn’t even have a degree, and yet was one of our first professors! I’ve honestly been checking out the 150 discoveries on the site, and think that Jan should be very proud of what she’s put together.

One thought on “Dr. Jan Weisenberger’s talk

  1. I’m glad to hear you’ve been checking out the website. Someone in the class suggested every incoming student should check it out to know a little more about OSU s humble beginnings!

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