Dr Carol Anelli talk on Darwin

You could really tell in this talk that Dr Anelli really knew a ton of what she was talking about. I got the feeling that she could almost drop the lecture slides, and just have an ongoing conversation about Darwin every time you saw her for a year and keep it going. She gave a lot of interesting answers, and seemed very well used to dispelling common misconceptions about Darwin. It’s a sad thing we never got through all her slides, but it’s sad to realize that Dr Anelli’s knowledge on the subject is just too much even for an hour and a half block of time. I found it very interesting to think about how much Darwin thought he wasted his time in college, and kinda liked hearing about how he’d constantly go off to do things totally not in his course work. Good to see college students never change. It’s also interesting to think that the topics Darwin would become known for were pursued totally on his own, like a hobby, and never formally taught to him! Seeing just how much evidence is being gathered on him was also interesting, and just how much it had grown already.

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  1. You make a lot of interesting comments. I had a mentor who once told me students learn a lot in college. And also some of it is in class. Yes, I enjoy Dr Anelli s talks because of her knowledge of Darwin and I am amazed like you just how much is known about him.

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