Dr. Alber Reflection

It was so interesting learning about how great Louis Pasteur was. Not only because he discovered so many revolutionary things, but also because it is apparent that he was a very compassionate person, who really just wanted to help people. He is very admirable for these characteristics and also for just how deeply and logically he was able to think. In particular, I found it very interesting how Pasteur was seemingly able to apply his findings so well. He really was able to take things to the next level entirely. He even foresaw how these ideas could be applied, like how Dr. Alber used the example of his idea that microorganisms may be “domesticated,” which leads to applications of biofuels today. I really appreciate being able to see how these historically breakthrough discoveries are still very much applicable and are even driving science today (pun unintended).

One thought on “Dr. Alber Reflection

  1. It s nice to know how much you took away from the talk, from the personal attributes of Pasteur to his ability to foresee later developments. I do think this is one quality of genius that maybe we didn’t talk specifically talk about in class, but I agree its interesting how relevant even today many of his ideas and predictions are.

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