Dr. Cogan Reflection

The discussion of what really makes a scientific revolution happen was interesting to me. To discuss the qualities of a scientist participating in a revolutionary discovery as well as the cultural background necessary for a society to experience it was something I haven’t thought of before. Specifically, I liked the debate we had about the word, “genius”. Not all of the people who made these discoveries of elements during this “chemical revolution” of sorts were considered geniuses. A lot of them simply had the money or the time to dedicate to looking. It’s interesting to apply this to today’s world and be aware of it.

One thought on “Dr. Cogan Reflection

  1. Yes, I found the discussion on the word genius particularly interesting. I think we have a more nuanced view Ipoh intelligence today that factors in much more than IQ. I think the students really hit on the other personality traits that tend to make people successful up including hard work and persistence.

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