Dr. Cogan Reflection

I found John Priestly’s life story really interesting. Like I can’t imagine having a deadly disease early on where it was thought that he was abandoned by God. I also found his college schedule kind of relatable. Every day is different for me so I do something similar where I lay out my schedule in the notes of my phone. I thought his conversation with Ben Franklin on his findings in the “fixed air” experiment was fascinating. It seems like some of the brightest minds in history were just ahead of their time and could almost predict the future. Ben Franklin is not notably known for predicting the carbon cycle or anything, but he was able to immediately realize that the environment is important to our well-being and that we must take care of it because it provides us with something valuable. That is still extremely relevant today and his letter to Priestly is a testament to his bright mind.

One thought on “Dr. Cogan Reflection

  1. I agree and thought Franklins ideas were definitely ahead of their time. I also appreciate that you could relate to Priestly college schedule lol

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