Dr. Cogan Reflection

Watching the episode of the documentary pertaining to the scientists Priestly and Lavoisier gave us a really good introduction to what we would discuss during Dr. Cogan’s talk. It is a little creepy that killing spiders in jars lead to the idea of air, but on the other hand it is interesting to think about how little knowledge they had on the topic. Thinking about the elements of a scientific revolution threw a lot of us off; I’m not sure any of us had put a whole lot of thought towards it? The word “revolution” makes it seem like it would be an Earth-shattering discovery, but in reality it’s just curiosity given the proper means to be explored. Revolutions still happen everyday, and it’s thanks to the early navigators of science that we are still able to make discoveries and students are given the means to know more in a single semester than a lot of people in the 18th century knew their entire lives.

One thought on “Dr. Cogan Reflection

  1. You make some really good points. It’s true that we have more knowledge now than ever. It’s interesting to think that even middle school students who understand DNA know more about evolution and heredity than Darwin himself I realize now that I may have thrown some people off talking about revolutions. It may have helped to define that first. I think you are right that there are probably many happening currently. Some bigger than others.

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