Dr. Breitenberger Reflection

Something I have always gravitated towards in science are the discoveries made by women – I find them so inspiring! Naturally, I enjoyed this discussion because it fit really well with the Bryson book and with my own interests. Something I look forward to is to find some of the mentioned women in museums in Europe. Having relativity to what we will be exploring makes the places we visit a lot more meaningful. Recognizing the history of women in science, as well as acknowledging why they aren’t given credit, is important for the future of women in science (including us!). Thank you, Dr. Breitenberger, for the inspiring discussion and the enlightening information. I can’t wait to do more research abroad!

One thought on “Dr. Breitenberger Reflection

  1. What a nice post….it kind of affirms many of the goals of the class. I tend to be like you in that I believe travel is more meaningful when you know something about the places and people you visit. While it may not always be necessary, it is my hope that students in the class take this lesson into many of their future trips as well.

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