Dr. Alber Reflection

Not only did we get to learn about Louis Pasteur on Tuesday, but we also got to get know a little more about Dr. Alber; she’s been with us throughout our whole predeparture process, and it was great to see her have the spotlight and learn a little about where she is from. You can tell she’s passionate and very knowledgable of Pasteur, which makes sense since Pasteur was the chemist to discover germ theory and Dr. Alber is a microbiology professor.

I appreciated that Dr. Alber spent a good majority of her time speaking upon Pasteur’s discoveries that weren’t mentioned in the movie. For example, the movie touched upon how Pasteur developed the vaccine for Anthrax and rabies; however, the film didn’t mention that Pasteur was the first to describe the fermentation of sugars as “living ferment.” He was the first to claim that microorganisms were the cause of chemical change in 1857. Thus, if you think about it, Louis Pasteur is the super hero of microbiologist due to his work with microorganisms.

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  1. Haha, yes, I hope you did not feel like we were hiding Dr. Alber from you guys. I think she will make a great addition to the group this year.

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