Dr. Breitenberger’s Reflections

This talk was of specific interest to me because women in science generally do not get a spotlight. Expanding knowledge about women who didn’t always get credit for their work, or women who had to fight to be heard is essential, in my opinion. I admire women in this field for standing up for what they believe in because it inevitably helps women in the coming generations. Specifically, I enjoyed how Margaret Cavendish would write the anonymous critiques aimed at those who disregarded her. I also liked that she would invite herself to meetings where women usually weren’t allowed. As much trouble as it may have been for her, she persisted. Along with other women within the presentation, Margaret Cavendish exhibits how most women only had access to needed resources through a husband, father, or brother; even this access was limited. Given the necessary equipment and education, it makes you wonder what women could have discovered before men.

One thought on “Dr. Breitenberger’s Reflections

  1. Yes, it certainly is interesting to ponder just how many discoveries were and may still be put off or lost by disadvantages experienced by women and minorities. I sometimes think that there are only a small number of personality types when it comes to humans. For example, I think we may all be able to imagine a Margaret Cavendish type today bucking the system and standing up in the face of discrimination or using their wit to veil criticism of their detractors.

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