Dale Gnidovec Reflection

I loved Dr. Gnidovec’s talk with the class; presentations like these become so much more enjoyable when the presenter is passionate about the subject matter. Dr. Gnidovec’s enthusiasm for what he does pulled me into the subject matter even more. I also was genuinely interested in the material itself. I think the whole period of geology being so popular is impressive, and something worth studying. From the presentation itself, I most enjoyed the mastodon and mammoth teeth. There are plenty of photos online, but seeing the size of these teeth in person truly showcases the power that would also come with it. Another interesting point to me was the discoveries of Mary Anning. I think her determination to finish these massive skeletons over many years is inspiring in a way because she could have easily given up.

One thought on “Dale Gnidovec Reflection

  1. I was also struck by reading Bryson’s book on just how popular geology was at certain points in our history. The scientists and their personalities read like fiction. Dale does a good job with some of these stories as well. I hope you are able to look into some, including Mary Anning, if you choose to.

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