Dr. Cogan Reflection

Dr. Cogan’s presentation of Priestly, Lavoisier, and the discovery of oxygen was very insightful and exciting! I really enjoyed talking about the characteristics of scientific revolutions and learning about perspectives that I had not previously considered, such as science as an industry during that time period. I always like learning about the history and biography of the scientists that we are discussing, so I was captivated by the lives of Joseph Priestley and Antoine Lavoisier. I was especially interested in Priestley’s process of discovering oxygen as a vital requirement for the livelihood of living beings. I was surprised to learn that Priestley would share his discoveries with Benjamin Franklin, who would then offer his own insight to further the understanding of Priestley’s findings. After our discussion, I’m excited to learn more about scientific revolutions and the people behind them.

One thought on “Dr. Cogan Reflection

  1. I agree that getting beyond the mythology when it comes to science history. This particular chapter fascinates me too because of its overlaps between scientific and political revolutions and the common people involved in both.

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