Dr. Breitenberger Reflection

I really enjoyed Dr. Breitenberger’s presentation on women in science. I think understanding the societal aspects and difficulties that many women faced when attempting to pursue their career and personal goals was very important during our discussion. I was particularly captivated by the achievements of Caroline Herschel; I couldn’t believe she was able to spot and identify comets that seldomly pass the Earth! After the talk, I did a bit more research on comets and their orbits in our solar system (I didn’t know comets move in an elliptical orbit around the sun). I was also very interested in the work done by Mary Anning and her discoveries. I’m excited to do more research on the impact that women have had on the world of science.

One thought on “Dr. Breitenberger Reflection

  1. It’s always nice to find out how the class discussions drive further interest in the course material and drive students to further their research on their own.

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