Dr. Breitenberger Reflection

I enjoyed and appreciated Dr. Breitenberger’s presentation on women in science. I of course think it’s an extremely important topic, and I’m glad it was something she felt was worth the whole class hearing, and it continues to be. As I have said before, I would like to focus on women in science for both our OSU history project, and our history of England and France project. Even though this is a topic I have always cared about, I still was introduced to women I have never heard of in this presentation, which I think says something in itself. While this presentation gave me more women to possibly research, I might try to dig deeper for other women who have also gone fairly unnoticed or unaccredited, so we might hear of someone entirely new, although I am still interested in researching Mary Anning more. However, I actually already have someone else in mind who we haven’t discussed, Ada Lovelace, but will have to look into if there is any museum or somewhere I can visit while in England that would have information on her.

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