Dr. Dale Gnidovec

Dr. Dale Gnidovec’s love for fossils and artifacts radiated from the way he talked about what he saw in the museums in London and Paris. First, I thought it was really cool to get some background info on Orton Hall. I always am inside because I love the library there, but I haven’t been anywhere else in the building. Right away his talk intrigued me when he talked about the Mastodon fossil he saw in London’s museum of Natural history from Big Bone State Lick Park. I’ve lived most of my life right next to Big Bone and have never realized what a big deal it was. I am also really excited to see the Rosetta Stone in France. My family is from Egypt and we actually have a small replica of the Rosetta Stone in our living room in Northern Kentucky so it will be very cool to see it in person. Just like Dr. Gnidovec, I grew up with a love for dinosaurs so I am excited to see in person what types of fossils we will see in the museums of London and Paris.

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  1. I thought that was cool learning about your proximity to Big Bone Lake. I know I have passed it several times on the road and wondered about where the name came from. When I read it in Bryson’s book, I made a note to myself to visit the next time I passed through.

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