Dr. Anelli

Charles Darwin is a name that I have heard since probably middle school always in relation to the discovery of evolution and the Origin of Species. However, I have never spent the time to study his life in-depth other than his trip around the world. It was very cool to be able to watch the movie, Creation, and then speak about his life with Dr. Anelli. There were things about Darwin that I didn’t quite pick up in the movie that I learned during her lecture. For example, I had no idea he was going to become a priest. I also had always thought he went on his trip around the world with the intent of looking for evidence for evolution, I never realized that he formulated the theory after he came back. I am definitely excited to see his house when we are in London and the replica of the HMS Beagle.

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  1. It is ironic to think about Darwin studying to be in the clergy. One thing that I thought was interesting that Dr. Anelli mentioned, however, was that the falling out between he and the minister was likely exaggerated. He did seem to really value relationships even though he became very passionate about his interpretation of nature.

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